to the streets

Found out about another brilliant idea for exhibiting work this week via Aaron Meyers blog. It’s a concept called The Speed Show, which has its own exhibition format;

“Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night.”

Their format text then goes on to say: “All art works of the participating artists need to be on-line (not necessarily public) and are shown in a typical browser with standard plug-ins.”

The Speed Show concept appears on the Free Art and Technology website, which goes on to explain that “The contents of the site are all in the public domain.” and then encourages users to “Enjoy, use, modify, snipe about and republish all F.A.T. media and technologies as you see fit.”

It would seem that anyone is free to take their idea and run with it. What kind of benevolent genius came up with this? It would have to be the craziest yet possibly best way to mount a touring show I’ve ever heard.

I wonder if you’d get thrown out of Starbucks/McDonalds/Hudsons if you attempted to do the same with laptops using their free Wifi? Probably…

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