Peter Brown?

Tim Freedman is looking for a guy name Peter Brown. Have you seen him? He was the band’s unofficial astrologer in the early 90’s, when he’d turn up to band practice and tell The Whitlams members their fortune.

As you’ve figured, I’m a bit of a fan of ‘ole Timmy here, so when he announced that he’d be doing one last circuit of the country before splitting up the band, I had to go, for old times sake. Lucky for me, and all precious the memories I hold of listening to his music and going to his gigs, he’s still got it  😉
As has Jak, the guitarist [pictured right], so my youngest sister tells me…

It was more than a little strange to be bopping around the place to a band that I fell in love with as a teenager, and first saw live almost 13 years ago. But when it comes to performing (even after a day at the Caulfield Races, and a couple of bottles of wine on stage) Tim, with Jak and Warwick and of course Terepai (anointed King of Tonga by Tim on stage, I wonder how that will make this guy will feel… let alone this one) was in some of the finest form I’ve witnessed.

Long live The Whitlams.
(And the King of Tonga)