Connexions officially open!

After a hiccup and a delayed start, we opened our window display in Paris overnight on October the 13th. So you can finally see the (admittedly abbreviated) Connexions in the real! We’re at Galerie Assemblages as a part of the Parcours Bijoux jewellery festival:

66 rue Legendre, 75017 Paris, France

Exhibition dates are being extended so we can keep our 3 week engagement, so likely closing around November 7th.

Hours: We’re a window display open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The original COVID-19 friendly way to see a show! And because we’re clustered in a window there’s a few works we couldn’t fit (ok, more like 3/4 of the show) so please peruse those works at your leisure on our website.

Connexions live online!

Connexions website – short film lineup

Today we’re celebrating the launch of the Connexions exhibition website! While you’re there be sure to check out the short films of each exhibiting artist by our mate Brendan Hutchens of Vam Media, with filming assistance from Kantesha Takai of Lola Digital for Emily on Horn Island.

Connexions showcases new contemporary jewellery works by Australian artists Emily Beckley, Fatemeh Boroujeni, Melissa Cameron, Blandine Hallé, Eden Lennox and Sultana Shamshi.

And don’t forget this Saturday is our artists’ talk; click on the link that says Link to Zoom Meeting on this page. It’s on at 11am– Sat October 10th, Paris time, or at:

2 a.m.: Seattle
10:00 a.m.: UK
11 a.m.: Paris
1:30 p.m.: Iran
2:30 p.m.: India
5 p.m.: Perth
7 p.m.: Horn Island
8 p.m.: Sydney
10 p.m.: New Zealand

Hope to see y’all there!


We are proud to be supported by The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries in Western Australia and the Australia Council for the Arts.

Seattle symposium 2020 is an anywhere symposium!

This year’s annual Seattle Metals Guild Symposium is happening and will be presented online for your convenience on Oct. 10, 2020. If you’ve never attended one because of expense or distance you’re in luck! There will be an outstanding lineup of speakers, artists, silent auction, speaker panel, and even a Happy Hour! It will all be recorded for viewing anytime from your time zone. You can register and get tickets now.

The Seattle Metals Guild put on the symposium annually – you’ll have seen me spruik it here before – and this year a few of my buddies are speaking. It’s not a local affair by any means – the 5 main speakers are all very much non-Seattleites, but 3 of them just happen to be colleagues/friends I would pretty regularly catch up with around the US at different events. There’s Cappy Counard, Stephen Yusko and Maria Eife, my occasional SNAG wife (or wifey, cos Eife and wifey… For those unfamiliar, there’s a lot of people who share a twin room at SNAG every year with the same friend, who claim their shared-room-partner as their SNAG-spouse 😉 ) along with Andrea Hill and Morgan Asoyuf.

Yes! They still managed to get an international guest! Morgan Asoyuf hails from British Columbia and is a jeweller and cultural education teacher. She is from the Tsm’syen people and has a rich First Nations and traditional goldsmithing background. And Andrea Hill will be talking growth for jewellery businesses, so it’s a very well rounded year, with those two, Stephen the precision blacksmith, (I bought a lovely bottle opener made by him the first time we met, which was nicked by some rascal at a party at ours one time – something tells me I shoulda searched Andy Cooperman [see video above] as he left the party… He and I both were introduced to Stephen at the same event and he lusted over it too.) Cappy the professor of jewellery who I did the Smitten Forum with in 2018, whose beautiful layered practice really makes you think, and Maria the designer par excellence who has been innovating with laser and 3D print technologies her whole career, and who knows the ins and outs of the jewellery fair scene. See pic below for proof!
Maria at the Smithsonian Craft Fair with Jamie Lannister.

So the benefit of not being in realbody for this symposium, aside from the ‘no pants’ option Andy has kindly laid out to us, is that those of us in completely non-synced time-zones can get onboard and see these unique and talented makers talk about their works when it’s convenient for us. For a price that’s about a third of the usual dirt-cheap SMG Symposium sign-up fee. Huzzah! COVID-19 can’t take all our fun 🙂

And so, I will get up at 7am next Sunday and while still bleary-eyed make myself an early morning mimosa, to toast all of my friends at the Zoom Happy Hour. Feel free to join me!

(And don’t let it slip, when I tell them it was all great, that I won’t be watching them speak until later that day. Ssshhhh…)

Danaca Design – STATEmeant jewellery

A call-for-entry for the jewellers of the world with something to say.

For all y’all who saw the Ring Smackdown on the Danaca Design Instagram feed earlier this year, you can phase out for a minute. You need no introduction to the exhibition concept that I’m about to try and explain. You can just head to Dana’s gallery site and enter your statement piece and wait for your jewel to hit the Instagram feed and have it reign supreme or be bundled out of the competition in early voting. It’s democracy – no shame in losing as there’s lots of amazing artists out there with lots to say and time to spend sayin’ it right now.

For those who that last paragraph was a bit of a head-shaker, here I go…

1/ you enter your jewellery work appropriate to the theme* into the show by October 5th, Pacific time, with a retail price under $1600 USD and nominating a charity to receive 1/2 the sales price when you sell the piece

2/ get through jurying by the esteemed Keith Lewis and Nancy Megan Corwin (love both of them, great makers, teachers and humans)

3/ watch your piece come up against a reasonably matched piece on Instagram, then convince the internet to vote for it

4/ repeat as your piece goes through different rounds and ends up in the quarter finals, the semis and then THE FINALS!

5/ Win a democratic election backing a candidate that intrinsically means something to you! And/or sell the work, benefit a great cause, get a little cash in your pocket and send the piece off to its new home 😉

Hope that makes sense? Probably best you read everything here anyway.

*STATE│meant is an opportunity for you to speak out on challenging subjects that are significant to you, with a powerful piece of statement jewelry. Two jurors will select a minimum of 30 pieces, in six categories: brooches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and headpieces. The selected work is to be sold in our online gallery in support of the non-profit group of the artists’ choosing. Starting in mid-October, each piece will compete on Instagram for best in category and ultimately best in show. The competition will be by popular vote and with the winner announced November 4, 2020. No electoral college here… These are unprecedented times…got something to say about it? Now is your chance!

A/US extended in Sydney

5811, found steel, stainless steel, 750 gold. 2019

Bridget Kennedy Project Space, like all galleries around the country, is slowly getting back into the swing of things post COVID-19 lockdown(s). I guess we’re all taking it slow and doing the right thing for our community by keeping away from crowds – where we’re allowed. That has meant not going to exhibition openings, restaurants, the gym and practically all non-essential stores, and that our thumbs – thanks social media – have been the only things getting a real workout.

But luckily I’m in a place that is doing ok – in fact I’ll be heading to an opening tonight – and Bridget is also in a place that is gradually seeing the end of a few little COVId-19 outbursts, and since we’re going into summer we’ve decided it’s time for a little cautious optimism!

Thus my show, A/US, chillin’ in the window at Bridget Kennedy Project space is going to stay up for a couple more weeks. Cos, you know, cautious optimism 😉

If you are inside the right borders and do get to head in, please say a low-key ‘hey‘ from me 🙂

Open Wednesday to Friday 11-5pm, Saturday 9-1pm until October 10
53 Ridge Street North Sydney, NSW 2060

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Serious Bling – online incarnation

Radical Jewelry Makeover supremos Susie Ganch and Kathleen Kennedy presented Serious Bling at the Fuller Craft Museum earlier this year, and like many other shows it was forced to shut early due to COVID-19. It’s now reopened, with the Fuller Gift Store also set to reopen on the 16th of this month.

If you can travel to Massachusetts I’d heartily recommend a visit, but for those of us far from the action thankfully the online incarnation captures a lot of the exhibition. It combines installation shots with images from the artists to give you the extreme close-up that you would expect from to get to see such a show in real body.

Check out the impressive full-page spread of the album or go one-by-one through the images below:

RJM_press image copy
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Richard Bell

“So, basically, right-wing governments, just one the first things they do is just slash the arts budget.

What that says to me is that art must be very powerful, if the first thing that the politicians do is to cut arts funding.

They are trying to disappear art in this country.

Whereas the creative arts employs 7.2% of the workforce.

You know, it’s about the same as mining and I’m happy to say, I’m proud to say that our industry pays more tax than the mining industry. “

Thanks NAVA and The Artist Files, writer Leya Reid and of course the inimitable Richard Bell for bringing this wisdom.

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Zoom artist talk for A/US

works: 6016a, 6047, 6093. found steel, stainless steel, 750 gold, vitreous enamel

Too far/locked down to make a visit to Bridget Kennedy Project Space?

Me too…

It’s ok, put the Zoom artist talk in the calendar and we can say g’day while Bridget shows us the exhibit!

If you are in Sydney you can head along to Bridget Kennedy Project Space, 53 Ridge Street, North Sydney on Saturday the 12th of Sept for 12:00 midday. Or if you’re in another time zone, like me, it’s at:

Friday 11th – –
7 p.m.
: Seattle
10 p.m.
: Pittsburgh
– – Saturday 12th – –
7:30 a.m.:
10 a.m.
: Perth
11 a.m.
: Korea
12 p.m.
: Melbourne
2 p.m.
: New Zealand

And apparently I’ve caused a bit of a stir in the neighbourhood of the gallery, Ridge Street, North Sydney, with the title of the work that’s in the window. Bridget told me this morning that people have been stopping in to check that the gallery’s not closing!

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Now open – Declaration of Sentiments!

Meant to open in Munich in March, the show Declaration of Sentiments has finally opened overnight in Ghent, Belgium at Galerie Pont en Plas. Our local maker, Nevin Arig, kindly sent along some images of works and the opening.

Sword and a couple of Caltrops works

Gallerists Nicole Thienpont and Aline Vandeplas are carefully masked up and ready to welcome you. If you’re in the area this show will be open until the 3rd of October at Galerie Pont en Plas:

Hooiaard 6 (corner Graslei)
B-9000 Gent

Thursday & Friday 13.30–18.00
Saturday 11.30–17.00

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Everthing Must Go, 2020

This was a really fun one to make.

The rack was an artifact of the capitalist system, made obsolete. I resented its presence on my street, yet I suppose I also felt sorry for it. And I sensed its opportunity. What can I say, I can’t hold myself out of this system.

The logic for making my works also came because of the rack. Designed to hold multiples (at least 16 types) of an object, plus a sign, it had very specific parameters. As did the objects it once held. While hanging from the rack designed to hold them, these 16 types of product had to be similar enough to fit, but different enough to require their own place in the grid. Their dimensions – length, width, height and weight – were almost identical, but their uniqueness was enough to necessitate that multiples of each of them be kept in the one store.

Intriguing, eh? I have my suspicions of what the rack held, but they didn’t pique my interest enough to investigate further. Instead I took it upon myself to design 18 versions of the same object, in two (almost identical) types, using the same ingredients for each one.


Each neckpiece has a circumference of 800mm (give or take) making it suitable for most people to wear. The leftover material – available once the 800mm circumference parameter was met – became tassels decorating that piece. Thus the 12 Arm works each contain the same amount of green rack as one another, as do the 6 Row works. Pricing is based on the time it took to make each piece, which went up as each Arm or Row was sliced into more parts. Thus the more tassels contained, the pricier.

Each work is different, yet kinda the same.

Thanks capitalism!

Please check the full-sized images out at Bridget Kennedy Project Space and pop the Zoom talk in your calendar to see the pieces in motion with Bridget. The surfaces really are luscious and they each have a very pleasing weight – the benefit of the lighter weight of steel compared to most jewellery metals. Each piece was polished up with microcrystalline wax to protect the paint, which really brought out the beautiful green colour.

Everthing Must Go (complete installation) 2020

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