Public Artwork

If it’s on the internet, it must be true, right?

Hesperia is pleased to announce Melissa Cameron; Rohin Kickett and Matthew McVeigh; and Anne Neil as the artists commissioned to create a series of public artworks at Murdoch Square.

Following an extensive Expression of Interest (EOI) campaign, the four Australian artists were carefully selected to inject creativity into the community precinct, through works that reflect the values and intent of Murdoch Square.

Each piece will be strategically positioned in key locations throughout the precinct, to promote foot traffic and create moments of interactivity.

As part of their brief, artists were tasked with developing intertwining concepts that recognise experiences and knowledge of a multicultural world, which are fundamental to a healthy society. Artists were also asked to consider that approaches to holistic health are found by linking the physical to the emotional; the cultural to the cognitive.

Melissa Cameron
Melissa’s work is exhibited worldwide with public collections featured in the National Gallery of Australia, the University of Iowa Museum of Art and Cheongju Collection in South Korea.

Titled Breathe, Melissa’s artwork is a graphic, abstract representation of inhalation and exhalation. A pair of large, pixelated circles are made from, and interconnected by, a stream of smaller circles. Through contrasting colours, binary coding will be used to insert the words ‘inhale’ and ‘exhale’ into the piece. Melissa will arrange the words to flow into one another in a cycle of inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale. This will create spaces which she will fill with two other words, ‘draw’ and ‘exchange’, shown in the roundels of lighter hue. These unrepeated words describe the intake and output systems of breathing, as we draw each new breath to exchange the products of each spent one.

Murdoch Square Artist Announcement
6th February 2023

Click through to the website if you want to see some early concept images from each of the artists. Suffice to say, my work, and likely that of the other artists, has gone through a period of growth, but I’m not yet at liberty to share the new developments.

This has been in train since 2022, and won’t be installed for a little while yet, but already it has been at turns challenging, thrilling, daunting and invigorating. No doubt it will continue to be. Through the work’s development I’ve found a use for my latent interior architecture skills, in their intended surrounds. With that dormancy ended, anything just might happen!

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