Monday – Gun Day

Bushmaster XM15-E2S with bayonet affixed

Y’all hoped that was it for today, huh? But I owe you an AR-15, with a bayonet, from our last ‘episode‘.  I was not aware of the difference between a carbine, a mid-size and a rifle, but now I have learned. It has to do with the size of the gas system that allows the propulsion from the firing of the weapon to be recycled to expel the spent jacket and chamber a new cartridge. Simple, yeah? Anyway, as it happens, the AR-15 that I drew from my Gun series of works appears to be a carbine.

And now the image that was the basis of that work has been ‘modded’ to include a bayonet. I found an image that had a similarly-sized carbine with bayonet affixed and I’ve made my own Frankenstein’s monster of a gun/bayonet combo, because, well, I wanted the continuity, despite what might be perceived by purists as an inaccuracy.

I’m an artist. I’ll draw what I want to.

See you next time for another drawing of a gun, or several. I’m going to have to speed this up, I’ve got a lot more of these to get through.