1/ I’m in Bright at Rose Turk–o! From the exhibition media:

“Bright and shiny. Sometimes wearing jewelry with a little extra spark can help remind us of how we shine as individuals. Art Jewelry has the ability to convey strong messages from the wearer’s body. This show consists of Bright pieces that add confidence and play to the world. On the body the work is bold, positive, and radiant.

This jewelry represents brilliant makers as well as wearers.”

Curated by Maggie Smith, Bright opened last night at Rose Turko, located at:
1202 N. Boulevard, Richmond VA, this is the second collaboration between The Dame (aka Ms Smith) and Kathy Emerson at this new space, and I for one am hoping it will turn into a full-blown residency!

Jewel for a wall - neckpiece Jewel for a wall - PendantJewel for a wall - red rhombus

Jewel for a wall - 8 rhombii. Melissa Cameron. 2014
Jewel for a Wall pendant, brooches and neckpieces. Directly above – 8 rhombii, assemblage made from multiple Jewel for a Wall pieces. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, silk thread. Melissa Cameron. 2014.

For the show I sent a few pieces from a series that was begun while I was in Germany for the enamel residency with the Heat Exchange mob last year. I returned with the enameled parts to my studio where I welded, soldered and threaded up a storm, thus completing the Jewel for a Wall series. The Bright exhibition seemed the right place to debut a bunch of big and colourful works; some which are wearable on the body and others which, as per the name, were designed to be worn by a wall. The placement of holes that dot the rhombus base shape was carefully considered to maximise both the pieces’ jewel and wall-joining potential, with the colour palette similarly chosen to make sure that the many possible configurations would suit one another.

You might have seen on my Instagram feed that the works are up and looking great – it’s a nice arrangement on the wall with quite a few neckpieces in the group. If you’re a fan of my work as well as the bigger jewel / smaller collectible object you should definitely check it out. And, if you happen to call in over this weekend, you will see an amazing Trunk Show from the indomitable mistress of mesh, Caitie Sellers! Get along, her works will dazzle you!


Image of dress by Susan Pasco, taken from
Image of dress by Susan Pasco, taken from her site;

OK, I have one more tip for this weekend – and while it is bright, it is not entirely jewellery. The Susan Pasco Costume Collection – Art of the Costume is on display in Seattle at the Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theater at the University of Washington.

“In this wide-ranging retrospective of Seattle artist Susan Pasco’s work, mounted in collaboration with the university of Washington School of Drama, more than 40 distinct, historically-accurate garments bring late 17th- through early 20th-century dress to life. combining vintage materials, couture quality, extensive hand embroidery, and exquisite craftsmanship, each garment in Art of the Costume is a feast for the eyes and mind, alike.”

(above taken from her website)

I’m going to brave this weekend’s weather (it’s Seattle, what choice do I have?!) to see it, and since is on until Sunday you still have time to get over there.

Wednesday-Friday, Nov. 11-13 :: 12 noon – 4 pm
Saturday, Nov. 14 :: 10 am – 4 pm
Sunday, Nov. 15 :: 12 noon – 4 pm

I know Susan from practically every trip to the local sewing store, Nancy’s Sewing Basket, I have ever taken, where I see her remarkable and detailed work as modelled by her, so I cannot wait to see a room full of her exquisite detailing!

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