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S’ok, my eyes aren’t blue. I’m off to New York (State that is), on Monday to teach an enamelling class as a part of the Enamel Guild North East’s annual Conference series. The Friday-Saturday class is fully booked, but if you’re in the area and free on Wednesday-Thursday it’s not too late! If you check out that class you can stick around for the Helen Elliott: Painting on Steel enamel class, or Chris Darway: Shadow Boxing on Friday-Sat or even Katharine Wood: Linear Solutions on Saturday. Not to mention all the shenanigans of the actual conference on Sunday. Amongst sales and raffles I’m going to be talking about my practice!

But if you’re not in NY and you want to come hang out with me and learn something about applying liquid enamel to steel? Well I have 2 more options for you.

1\ Local enamel aficionado Rebbecca Tomas has kindly asked me to team up with her to teach an eight-week class at Pratt in Seattle, Beginning Enameling Survey. Starting on the 25th of March, Rebbecca will take the class through the basics of enameling onto copper, and then I step in on week five to take the scene to the steel level. It’s going to be a comprehensive guide to getting the best bang for you buck out of powdered and liquid enamels on the two best materials, copper and steel.

2\ If an 8 intensive is not your style, and you were looking for a early-summer West Coast play-cation, then perhaps this final class will be more up your alley? On June 13th and 14th I’ll be reprising last year’s Enamel on Copper and Steel in a weekend workshop, also at Pratt in Seattle. In that class we’re going to be using liquid enamels on new and recycled steels and copper, working with them and the sandblaster to achieve unique textures and surfaces. I know I’ve had some queries as to when I’d be doing another weekend workshop, so I’m glad to finally be able to oblige. I’ll be sure to let you know when it goes live for registration.

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