Radical Jewelry Makeover is Open!

More shenanigans in Richmond. Of the Virginian variety.

Brass Brooch 2014.
Melissa Cameron, Brass Brooch, 2014.

I mentioned in my recent I went to Richmond post that there was a new Radical Jewelry Makeover exhibition in the works.

Last Friday this latest installment of RJM opened at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond alongside Susie Ganch’s solo exhibition, Tied. If you’re in the greater Virginia area I encourage you to get along before the 7th of June. I got to see Susie’s work in progress at her studio while I was there and she has been further pursuing the recycled material ethos, pushing it into all the corners of her practice.

For more info check out the link above as well as the RJM website, where you can also see a preview of the other of my pieces that are in the exhibition.