self sourcing

So what am I doing with that drawing, you may well ask? It’s currently in the inbox of the laser-cutter, patiently awaiting the arrival of the metal through which it is to be sliced. The titanium was purchased earlier today and is currently racing by courier to catch up with the drawings. (And what of the stainless steel? Well, it enjoys a more relaxed existence at this stage… I can only assume that it is idling in a rack at the laser-cutters.)

Need titanium? I did. So I went to see Commodity Marketing and got myself a sheet of 1mm, and a 914mm length of 1.2mm wire. The sheet was grade 1, though I forgot to ask about the wire. But wait! There is tube! Though the smallest diameter that they hold stock of was about 20mm. (I would have liked some 1mm…) When speaking with the rep he acknowledged that many jewellers would like for him to stock more tube, but apparently we don’t order enough.

I saw that he had small-ish packets of the 1.2mm dia wire, and assume that the tube would be sold the same, say 50 or 100 per packet. It would be interesting to see how many are in a packet, and how many jewellers are interested in sourcing such titanium in Melbourne…