For Sale II

But wait, there’s more!

Paragon Express-E-12T Kiln with shelf and 4 risers.

$1000 SOLD

This is my pride and joy, which I imported from the USA, complete with Aussie wiring (oh the irony.) At less than six months old it is practically as new, comes complete with original packaging and a full instruction manual. I’ve only really started to use it in the last month or so, firing it about once a week. It’s been very reliable, heats up to temperature in about one hour and has a top vent for lost-wax casting.

Shelf inside, neatly positioned on 4 risers. Also comes with paint-on anti-stick material for the shelf.

Tech specs.

LightPro Lamps – set of two

$150 SOLD

Lamps with bad lighting…

I take all my own photos, as you can tell. Any faults in them are definitely user error, I can’t blame my camera nor the lighting rig as I’ve never had a photography lesson in my life. These two lamps have made a pretty big difference to my photography, as I used to shoot outside, a practice more viable when I lived in Perth (sorry Melbourne!)

Thus these two have served me well. I’m going to miss them.

As I mentioned before, Melbourne suburbs = free delivery on all of these items, though collection is also welcomed, in the next week (after Friday the 9th of March, but before the 17th).

Feel free to make me an offer via email: or on my mobile 0419 199 315.

hand gazer

Turbo: “so, what’d you do today?”

Me: “same as usual, stared at my hands…”

effort less

I had a day of mixed success in the studio yesterday. I was re-blasting a piece that I had attempted to colour with the microtorch last week, which hadn’t worked out. Blasting and refinishing all went fine, with the colouring that I decided upon working a treat. Re-stringing was easy too; I had decided to omit a piece of the puzzle, the effect of which changed/improved the whole look of the pendant. It was going great, until I had to solder. Four simple ends should be easy-peasy; it’s something that I have to do on practically every piece. I’m looking right now at a brooch I wore recently, and it has eight of these solder points, which is about average.

Yesterday though? Could. Not. Do.

I had many attempts, with the ends of the cable getting shorter and shorter each time (you just can’t make silver solder stick to carbon-blackened stainless steel). In the end I had to walk away, three out of four points completed.

As my littlest sister would say: “Fail. Epic fail.” (The rest of my sisters would quote John Lennon in the Beatles movie Help and say “Jeweller, you’ve failed!“)

Today I’m in hiding from the studio, doing paperwork. Cowed?… yes. Attempting to regroup for more action tomorrow? Certainly.

self sourcing

So what am I doing with that drawing, you may well ask? It’s currently in the inbox of the laser-cutter, patiently awaiting the arrival of the metal through which it is to be sliced. The titanium was purchased earlier today and is currently racing by courier to catch up with the drawings. (And what of the stainless steel? Well, it enjoys a more relaxed existence at this stage… I can only assume that it is idling in a rack at the laser-cutters.)

Need titanium? I did. So I went to see Commodity Marketing and got myself a sheet of 1mm, and a 914mm length of 1.2mm wire. The sheet was grade 1, though I forgot to ask about the wire. But wait! There is tube! Though the smallest diameter that they hold stock of was about 20mm. (I would have liked some 1mm…) When speaking with the rep he acknowledged that many jewellers would like for him to stock more tube, but apparently we don’t order enough.

I saw that he had small-ish packets of the 1.2mm dia wire, and assume that the tube would be sold the same, say 50 or 100 per packet. It would be interesting to see how many are in a packet, and how many jewellers are interested in sourcing such titanium in Melbourne…