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Vitreous enamel, kiln fired enamel, liquid enamel, brushable enamel, glass fused to metal. Yup, I know all the terminology 😉

Kiln-Fired Liquid Enameling on Steel!

I’m teaching another liquid enamel on steel class at Danaca Design over the weekend of the 25th and 26th of January (yes, fellow Australians, I’m working in Invasion/Australia Day, even when it’s on a weekend..!)

My last class went really well, or at least well enough for me to be invited back in the next teaching quarter, boom boom! But really, (I know, I was so high-larious there) I had a blast and the people in the class – all proficient enamelers already I might add – learned a little something and made many really interesting samples, so what more can you ask for?

I recently bought a copy of the Thompson Enameling Workbook which I have been studying with the aim of trying some enameling on titanium, so perhaps I’ll insert that material into this course? I’ll have to see how my attempts go… If you are interested in keeping up with all my progress with all things hot and glass-covered check this page out. I update it regularly.