two things: News from Portland

Melissa goes to Portland. Shenanigans…

Hola! So summer is officially over in Seattle. The sky has switched back to its default position, rain, and I’ve had to turn the heat back on.

So Turbo and I went to Portland on Friday for a meeting. Well, I went for a meeting, Turbo was in on it because it’s Portland. The upshot of the meeting, with the retail manager and the wonderful gallery staff of the Museum of Contemporary Craft gallery store, is that my work is now stocked in Portland. Check it out if you’re in the area. They are the first in the world to stock my new collection of rings; hopefully I’ll get some down to Australia pretty soon too.

Parallel Planes Ring 4. Stainless steel, 925 silver, vitreous enamel, 2013. © Melissa Cameron
Parallel Planes Ring 4. Stainless steel, 925 silver, vitreous enamel, 2013. © Melissa Cameron

The second thing – ever since our last trip to Portland and my first visit to the Museum (in August for Turbo’s birthday – which, yes, precipitated the current trip), I’ve been following Namita Wiggers, Director and Chief Curator of the Museum on twitter, and also her tumblr blog. And yesterday she posted this, which I thought was really interesting, especially if you consider it in context of what several writers say about contemporary jewellery:

Design is a vessel. There’s the whole Buddhist thing about the essence of a bowl being its emptiness—that’s why it’s useful. Its emptiness allows it to hold something. I guess that means that design must talk about something else. If you make design about design, you’re just stacking bowls, and that’s not what bowls are for.

Unlike dogs, design isn’t about design but about something else – a conversation with Frank Chimero, author of The Shape of Design, on The Great Discontent. (TGD also did an interview with yours truly here.)

Frank Chimero: Design and Bowls…. #objectfocusbowl

(via explore-blog)

Interesting, no?

Thanks PDX. We’ll visit again soon, promise.