I promised more

On Once More, With Love. So here it comes, once more, with love!

OMWL nc4 invite

And in addition to that rather speccy invite, here’s a great interview with our fearless leaders, exhibition curators Suse Scholem and Simon Cottrell. In the article by Northcity4 alumnus Ali Limb there’s details on the project, from the initial Ethical Metalsmiths inspired collection and sorting, (which even name checks Jill Hermans and yours truly) to the current incarnation of the exhibition that’s about to kick of in Melbourne to coincide with the Sustainable Living festival.

And then there’s the Australian Art Review write-up of the original incarnation of the exhibition at Studio 20/17 in Sydney.

Also, if you’re into that face-space thing, here’s a link to that invitation.

And might I add that fabulous little Fremantle brewery, Little Creatures, are co-sponsoring the opening? Do you need any more reason to put the opening date and time, Saturday 16th of Feb from 5-7pm, in your diary??