and a Happy New Year!

Well, I’ve missed out on wishing you well on all the seasonal occasions thus far, but I hope you’ve had a relaxing and enjoyable time. Here at the Australian Embassy for Queen Anne and South Lake Union we’ve welcomed many guests from afar and have been busy with feeding and watering them all and showing them Seattle’s sight.

Now, back to the jewellery.

Jasmine Matus – recently mentioned on these pages in connection with the My Australia exhibition she’s curating in the far north of Australia – has been on a mission to make a brooch a day all throughout December, and has been documenting her efforts on her blog. She put a call out early in the month for materials from her blog readers, and I answered with a meagre selection of things that came immediately to hand, as I knew that I had to act fast what with the US/Aussie postal systems to negotiate. The goods did eventually reach her and she has just posted the results of her efforts. I’m incredibly impressed! Especially given the pile of oddments she had to work with. No knowing the scope of the project I didn’t know if she would put them into a single work or spread the objects amongst several. I have to say she chose what I think was the harder option, making a piece out of two pieces of cardboard, a 1m length of ribbon, some silk cord and other thread. Yes it’s a strange collection, but look at the post and all is explained 😉

Will the ingenuity and creativity of artists jewellers ever cease to bewilder and amaze?!