Deadlines December 2012

Upcoming opportunities to exhibit, learn or perhaps even teach, from all over the place (but mostly in Australia and the USA.) ** = New additions **** Very New Additions (Dec 19th)

Preziosa Young 2013. Must be under the age of 35 for all of 2013. Eight finalists are selection for exhibition in Florence, Italy, in 2013. Due December 15th.

Ketel One – The Modern Craft Project. Australia only. In concert with Wallpaper* magazine, a bunch of exhibition opportunities as well as the chance to win $100,000. Entries online for ppl 25 years or older, and due 5pm December 31st.

** Maker/wearer/matchmaker. NSW people only. I stand corrected! Also open to jewellers who live outside NSW if they’re a JMGA-NSW member at time of submission (as per the curator, Bridget Kennedy’s comment below.) Make a work for a Danks St Studios  gallerist to wear for a month. Entries due Jan 14th 2013.

** My Australia Exhibition. (Australian artists) Curator Jasmine Matus is planning a long-running show for a very particular kind of space. (Details via the linked PDF). Expressions of interest due Jan 15 2013.

Snag Exhibition In Print 2013 – Call for images of jewellery. Guest Curator Susan Cohn wants your images. One smart, one casual and one… well… your choice. Due Jan 15 2013.

** Graduate Metal. For new Australian metal graduates since the 2010 JMGA Perth conference, to be shown at the 2013 JMGA conference in Brisbane. Due Jan 15 2013.

SNAG 2014 Conference Presenters. Want to speak at SNAG? Due Jan 15th 2013.

** HDR Awards International Diamond Jewellery Competition. Within the theme of Trompe l’oeil they’re inviting you to get your diamond on. Entries due Jan 15th 2013.

** Residency at Studio Rian de Jong. Sponsored by the Francoise van den Bosch foundation. Entries due Jan 18 2013

Australia Council Early Career Residencies. They are what they say, and they offer up to $30K for artists and/or organisations. Due Jan 29th 2013.

La Frontera (trans. the borderlands). Exhibition about the US/Mexico border at Museo Franz Mayer, Mexico City and Velvet da Vinci gallery, San Francisco. Submission deadline Jan 30 2013.

**** Participation and Exchange 2013 Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia conference Call for Papers. Submissions due 31st Jan 2013.

Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork Award, the award/exhibition formerly known as Buda. This year it’s headed to the Bendigo Art Gallery after many years being hosted by the Buda historic home and garden in Castlemaine. Deadline Feb 1 2013.

National Humanities Award – Medal Design Competition. For artists in the USA, chaps. Deadline Feb 1st 2013.

Amberif Design Award. Polish competition to produce a ring in amber. Deadline Feb 10th, 2013

Haystack’s Open Studio Residency. Open to anyone who can get themselves there. Deadline March 1 2013.

Building Jewelry from Found Objects. I’m teaching a class in Pittsburgh at the SCC (I know, I know, how sneaky…) on the 2nd and 3rd of March, 2013.

Design Sans Frontières: Metal Artists In Collaboration. Two designers, one vision. One major clause – one of your pair must be a member of the Metal Arts Guild of Canada. Due March 15th 2013.

** Society for Contemporary Craft Studio apprenticeship and Judy Cheteyan summer scholarship. For college students and recent grads (presumably from US schools). Both opportunities due March 15th, 2013.

Artist Blacksmith Association of North America – first ever convention. Lumpkin and Columbus, Georgia. March 15-17 2013.


**disclaimer – please check all dates for veracity, and watch out for time zone shenanigans**

2 responses to “Deadlines December 2012”

  1. Hey Melissa,
    Maker/Wearer/Matchmaker is also open to jewellers who live outside NSW if they’re a JMGA-NSW member at time of submission (just in case you were interested in submitting an expression of interest)! It’s going to be lots of fun collating all the submissions and acting as the ‘matchmaker’, seeing who the galleriests pick as their artist to wear during ArtMonth!
    – bk