Melissa has curated a show of emerging Australian jewellery artists over at Crafthaus.

I’ve been moonlighting as an online curator once again, back over at Crafthaus.

This time to showcase a group of emerging Australian jewellery artists, in an exhibition entitled:

The artists involved, in no particular order, are:

Sarah Hudson, Claire McArdle, Leanne Ryan, Chloe McColl, Jill Hermans, Sarah Munday, Justin Siow, Danae Natsis, Sarah Carlson, Amy Zubick, Kelly Jonasson and Kaoru Rogers.

Please check it out!

4 thoughts on “Emerging”

  1. Such a great spectrum of artists and institutions Melissa, very nice selecting indeed. And of course lovely work all of you that was selected! I’m particularly fond of Sarah Hudson and Sarah Munday’s collections.

  2. Thanks Susan, it’s great that you noticed, I did try to get artists from everywhere (but not quite hard enough with Queensland which is a shame) and I’ll be sure to pass on your appreciation to the Sarahs 🙂

  3. . . . the Australian cultural jammer and senior icon jeweller – Ray Norman’s daughter Kezya Norman who lives in Launceston would have been a good choice for this also but I don’t believe she pushes her jewellery work that much.
    cheers from Queensland (and Tasmania)
    mal E

  4. Of course! I spent hours attempting to find jewellery artists in both Qld and Tas, and I now realise who I should have emailed. You! Or failing that, Mr Norman. I did get in contact with some Qld artists via a convoluted series of grad catalogues/exhibition websites followed by email hunting, but in Tas I could not find anyone who could be considered emerging (by the definition I was using). Should I try again I would likely hit up the training institutions first. Of course some have their grad catalogues online (with email contact details), which obviously helped to source people.

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