Blast from the past

Melissa has a studio. Again. All of it, well, except for the Sparex…

compressed air – yeah yeah

Big thanks to those of you who carefully studied the image in my last post and thought to yourselves “Oh ho ho, Melissa, that will never work!” but decided to keep quiet about it. Well, turns out we managed to figure it out ourselves, eventually. Upon receiving the new bushing I ordered in the last episode, I realised that I was gong to need one extra connecting nipple, and possibly more importantly, that the filter would probably not work on the 90° angle that it was being tilted on, due to me inserting the elbow BEFORE the filter rather than AFTER it.

So with some more reconfiguration, and after sending Turbo to the hardware store one last time… (we said that every previous time) I now have compressed air. Hurrah! Sixty gallons of it, in fact. Compared to the 55L (or 14.5 gallons) of my last compressor, that’s a lot of sandblasting time. Did you hear that, Jill? Imagine using the blaster and not having the compressor cut in for a whole 5 minutes, as opposed to the previous setup where it was churning constantly, right next to you. And then throw in, like I did on Friday, having enough power to use the kiln and the compressor AT THE SAME TIME. Ye gods, what will they think of next?

So this week I’m gearing up for a huge week of making as I can now say that I am officially back in business. Phew, at long last!

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