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Imagine waking up to a bunch of your mates telling you how awesome life is back in your home town. Damn you, Google feed reader! (hey, I hear you, google aren’t the only ones)

First up, the wonderful Nikky Hepburn hosted a Sunday workshop out at Northcity4. The second picture in this post shows some of my jewellery buddies (hi guys!) crowding around Nikky for the introduction.

Also upcoming at Northcity4 is a masterclass by Manon van Kouswijk. This is my second opportunity to miss a masterclass given by Manon due to being out of the country in the last 2 years. I can hardly believe it. Yay me…


Studio 20/17 have blogged about installing the now-open:

An exhibition of 100 jewellery pieces made in 2006
19th – 30th June 2012
CELEBRATION DRINKS – Saturday 23rd June 4-6pm

Everyone you can think of is in this show. Yep, even them. Hey, they needed 100 works, and they got ’em.

In the final picture in the post, my work is just about in the centre of the image. First correct guess posted in the comments gets… something… erm, how about a computer drawn postcard of the work sent to them? Made by me!

(I’m pretty confident I won’t have to do it, but I’m sure that there’s a drawing around here somewhere…)

fine print: Studio 20/17 employees and volunteers are banned from entering, as is TurboNerd. Though I’m willing to send you a postcard if you want one, Zoe…


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