In Geometry I Trust – Pt II

Hola! So, my new solo exhibition started today. The pieces in this exhibition all began as a part of the pattern that I showed in my last post, Untitled (pattern in metal 4). What I mean by that is, I took apart the sister to that piece, and from all of the pieces that came from the pattern I created the works in the show. No more pieces were used, nor were any left out.

Therefore, in effect there are 2 iterations of the work Untitled (pattern in metal 4) on the walls of Studio 20/17 at the moment. One is a complete piece, unbroken, and the other is made up of the rest of the 37 pieces.

Melissa Cameron. Ray, 2012. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel, 925 silver fixings.

Please come join me to celebrate the opening, this Saturday from 4pm. I’ll also be chatting about the work for 15 minutes beforehand if you’re interested. The show runs until the 17th of March.

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