In Geometry I Trust

Melissa’s solo exhibition ‘In Geometry I Trust’ opens at Studio 20/17 in Sydney in a few days time…

Melissa Cameron. Untitled (pattern in metal 4). 2011. Stainless steel.

I regard myself as the architect of my own worldview. Yet, like most of us, the foundations of my knowledge are based on truths discovered by others.

Using a code of point and line, on what amounts to an invisible – and borderless – plane, I create plans for jewellery in AutoCad.

To do this work, I accept and use the tenets of Cartesian geometry, almost without question. But how can I rely on this system, when I don’t know exactly how it all works?

I decided to go right back to basics. I sought to rediscover the truths that allow my works to materialise, beginning at the point where philosopher and mathematician René Descartes thought himself, and then the blank plane, into existence.

The drawings, as arranged before you, are the result of this search.

In geometry I trust.

Melissa Cameron, February 2012


My solo exhibition opens at Studio 20/17 in Sydney on Tuesday the 28th of February. There is an opening celebration (preceded by an artist talk) next Saturday the 3rd, with the talk starting at 3:45 and the opening from 4-6pm. The show runs until the 17th of March.

Melissa Cameron, Point, Line, Plane, - Pendant I. 2012. Stainless steel.