Finally, something to look at…

What’s Melissa up to? Giving us some images, finally!

Transformation 8, the exhibition of Raphael Prize opens in Pittsburgh on Friday. Meghan Patrice Riley is this year’s very deserving winner with her work Interstitial. Also opening at the Society for Contemporary Craft is the exhibition Charmed III: Third Times a Charm in the store. Jill and I sent some of our recent charm series over for that one, but more on them soon.

My entry into the competition, and appearing in Transformation 8, is Internalised, pictured below.

Melissa Cameron, Internalised, 2011. 800 silver platter, stainless steel cable.

Over the weekend I was busily updating my website, adding an Exemplar listing, which features many works from the last 12 months, some of which have not yet been on display.

Finally there’s been lots of shenanigans over at Heat Exchange, including more images of my work, and many by other artists who are also involved in the project.