laser vs 3d printing

Quick, get the laser! (Beatles movie reference… I’m sorry, I’m actually talking about laser-cutting, not frying John-Paul-George-Ringo)

I’m a devotee of the laser, you might have noticed. I think it has something to do with the fact that I think in plan. Always have. Then elevation. A vertical plan, really. But if you’re more of a sculpture-head, you probably think in 3d from the get-go. So then you’re more likely to be into 3d printing.

As for 3d printing, Shapeways is probably your go-to, if you’re not rich lucky enough to have your own printer, or affiliated with a university/rich lucky benefactor. Well, if you are into the Shapeways, you probably want to check out the Engineer Vs Designer necklace competition. Who will get the upper hand? There’s $200 on the line…

Me, I’ll stick to the flat stuff. But if I was going to go into printing, I’d be looking hard at the connections and clever design of Alissia Melka-Teichroew. She’s done some flat stuff too.

But haven’t we all?