Crafthaus Project Grant

[this is a blog, right? shameless self promotion behind then too, eh?]

Please, please, please go to Crafthaus and vote for my project. The voting section is at the bottom of the page (hint – I’m number 4.) If you don’t fancy reading it all, put simply, my project is to go to the SNAG conference in the US next year, to help install the Heat Exchange exhibition that I’m co-curating with Elizabeth Turrell and Beate Gegenwart.

Should I be the successful recipient, I have to then blog about my project as it happens, on Crafthaus. Given that requirement it might raise the bar around here too…



3 responses to “Crafthaus Project Grant”

  1. Just voted and I see you’re just leading infront of “sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll”. Hope you get it, would love to read your blog posts from the SNAG conference!