Day 8 – result!

I was a little heavy handed with the last layer of clear enamel… I should have watered it down a little more.

The plan is to add two more linking strands of cable (at present there are only two, but there are holes drilled for four), just to firm it up a little. And to fray the ends of the cable, to which I’ll add some enamel to the frayed parts to clamp the layers into place. This will have to happen when I have access to a torch, so I can fire just the end parts.

Tomorrow I’m not in the studio, I’ll be going to Birmingham to catch up with Bridie Lander at the School of Jewellery within the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design at Birmingham City University. We met at Inhorgenta in Munich a couple of weekends ago. Which reminds me… More on Munich soon!

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