Lend me your…

Melissa is in a show in Melbourne. Well, her earrings are. She herself will be in Munich, or Bristol, depending on the day…


Part B have a show opening this week in Melbourne, at Mailbox 141 in the city. One earring from a pair of my Sieve series is included alongside works from a group of other ‘Particles’ during the first two weeks of this show’s four week run. At the end of the second week there will be a changing of the guard, and a second set of works will be installed. So to see my piece, you’ll have to get in quick!

Jewellers on show during the first period are:

Melissa Cameron  Jacqui Chan  Ali Alexander  Christine Scott-Young   Justin Siow  Karen Thompson   Helen Dilkes  Jana Roman  Stephen Robb  Femi Coppi  Regina Middleton  Justine Austen  Susan Frisch  Claire Mcardle  Pam Chan  Jill Hermans  Sarah Blundell  Jin Ah Jo   Dianne Beevers

And during the second:

Karyn Nankivell  Misako Sakai  Mary Hackett  Inari Kiuru  Coconut Lu  Jessica Morrison  Kathryn  Wardill  Annie  Broadway  Joanna Harris Macneil  Suse Scholem  Lynn Jacob  Michelle Kelly  Lindy McSwan Tassia Joannides  Eva Gaitatzis  Gillian Hillman  Rebecca Hannah  Puneet Jodhka   Lucinda Knight

The exhibition is open Monday to Saturday from the 1st of March, with the first opening this Thursday the 3rd from 5:30pm. Get along!