can you help?

Melissa is on a mission to find the right drill bits…

Drill bits. Normally I don’t worry much about them, it’s true they’re important, but you can’t let them get above their station, y’know?

But now I’m working on a piece that needs a drill bit that is longer than the usual length of your Busch which has a cutting length of approx 10-12mm, before it tapers to the ⌀ 2.35mm shaft. I’m after a ⌀ 0.5 – 0.8mm  bit that has a length of at least 15mm or that is continuous all the way up the shaft.

I have a set like this that starts at ⌀ 1.05mm, and I have found my local hardware store stocks ⌀ 1.0mm bits, but I’m still trying for smaller.

Does such a beastie exist? If it does, I’m keen to find it, and quick!

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