deadlines revisited

Competitive? Me neither. But it’s a way to get your work out there…

Having posted about upcoming deadlines last week, I find now there are a couple more competitions that have piqued my interest.

Fresh – courtesy of SNAG, is courting images of works for the Metalsmith Magazine’s Exhibition In Print 2011. (Thanks go to Crafthaus for the heads up.) Deadline for that one is the 10th of December.

Wear Art – is for original wearable art as well as reproductions of art to go onto T shirts. It’s a interesting concept, and from what I can tell the profit from T Shirt sales is going to fund the establishment of a physical gallery for BECA (Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art) in the US. Now that part (given my lack of proximity to Albuquerque, New Mexico…) matters little to me in the long run, but the potential to get my work in front of an American audience could sway me to entry. The deadline isn’t clear, but the ‘display’ is meant to go live on the 7th of November, so I take it entries (such as they are) will have to be emailed soon.