Melissa meets the other 32 finalists in the NCJA.

The National Contemporary Jewellery Award list of finalists has just been sent out.

without further ado:

Brendan Adair-Smith, Marina Antoniou, Kristy-Lee Agresta, Jane Bowden, Melissa Cameron, Simon Cottrell, Catherine Da Costa, Anna Davern, Christopher Earl Mibourne, Susan Frisch, Emi Fukuda, Linda Hughes, Tassia Joannides, Jin Ah Jo, Puneet Jodhka, Erin Keys, Ingrid Lockley, Chris Massey, Leslie Matthews, Claire O’Halloran, George Plionis, Nicole Polentas, Jessamy Pollock, Phoebe Porter, Brenda Ridgewell, Amy Robson, Regine Schwarzer, Mitsue Slattery, Bernadette Trainor, Linda Van Niekerk, Kathryn Wardill, Andrew Welch and Katherine Wheeler.

With so many of my friends on this list, someone I know is going to have to win it!

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