spot the talent

Melissa camped out for the evening at the RMIT jewellery auction. Was she tempted by all the little beauties on offer? You bet she was!

So, about last night. How did you go? At the auction, I mean. Get anything marvelous? I did! Colly Lu’s untitled brooch in nylon, 925 silver and stainless. The one that looked like the frame of a Rubiks Cube, with a few struts missing. Very me. I also saw a pair of Anita Van Doorn’s anodised aluminium and titanium earrings going for a steal right at the end of the night, and had to give them a good home. Lovely sinuous forms, and my favourite shade of red. Both pieces quite different but beautiful, and  well realised. Very chuffed!

With so much beautiful work on offer I was surprised how empty the room was by the end of the night. Then again, it was late, and a school night.

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