Before feasting season ’09 completely fades from the collective memory (if it hasn’t already been blotted out by New Years ’09-’10), I thought I’d share images of a couple of works that went into the recently concluded Feast show. Curated by Zoe Brand, it took place at The Depot Gallery, under the auspices of  Studio 2017 in Sydney just before Christmas. Karen – aka Melbourne Jeweller – has a list of others who participated on her site, and if you’re interested they’re well worth checking out.

These works are feasting related – a Fowlers Vacola lid (the top of a preserving jar – for fruit and such) and a bamboo plate, of the same variety of the bowl that my Grandma would put the chips in when we visited for our customary Christmas morning drinks (the meal you never knew you had to have). This was the demi-meal consumed after a breakfast of Christmas stocking chocolate/candy canes and church fruitcake, and that generally came an hour or so before a massive Christmas lunch, back at home.

The Vacola lid is an object I remember from my spending time with family friends on their orchard, and the home-preserved peaches that would occasionally form part of the dessert line-up. My family (which was our five skinny but nimble girls back then – we’re still skinny, and some of us nimble, but we have a brother now too)  all thought that the peaches were a real treat, while the boys of the property (the five sons of the owners) would shun them in favour of more ice-cream!

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