status report

As per my post outgoing, I have entered/am entering some competitions.

So far I have been notified that I am into the Travelling Scholarship exhibition at Noosa Regional Gallery, which starts on the 29th of July. Yep, just me and 39 other ‘3d artists’… The piece the judges chose is the piece in the picture above – Planar Iteration.

I’m currently whittling down my word count for the Realise Your Dream travel scholarship, which is due on Friday at 5pm.

And news just to hand, the Powerhouse: Love Lace competition judges have had to go into extra time (700 entries!), so not details on that one as yet.


Today was a ‘jump outta bed’ kind of day. But oh, what to do with the sudden burst of energy? After writing a list of what I’m meant to get done in the next couple of months, I sorted into physical piles what pieces are going where. Then I stored each collection with a big yellow label attached for easy identification.

After this, it turns out there’s a small pile of pieces left over. Time to do something about it!