Siamo in Venezia

Melissa goes to Venice, risks Stendhal Syndrome…

So, we’re rocking through the Doges Palace museum here in Venice, and the Hieronymus Bosch’s have all been shipped down the … canal, to their own show. Left in the room is another artist’s depiction of hell, which is also very Hiery (if I may be so bold as to call him that) and a Quentin Metsys (1465-1530) called The Mocking of Christ (Il Cristo Diriso), which is an oil painting on wooden board.

What stands out in this painting, is, wait for it… The jewellery. It is exquisitely rendered, and so very un-Roman. They wouldn’t have made pieces like this, and couldn’t have made pieces like this. But, wow, they’re good. Well, the picture is good. I sometimes think it would be nice to produce lovely renderings of jewellery, and if I ever decide that I’m actually going to do it, I’m going to spend more time looking up this Mestys bloke.

In other news, within the Peggy Guggenheim collection, the couple of pieces of Alexander Calder’s works that are on show are very impressive. There’s an image in the gallery of her with some of his earrings on too. Wonder where they are?


Melissa is doing a residency in the UK in March. Check back to see what she gets up to!

Sorry about the abrupt silence on the blog, I’ve been running around like the proverbial chook…

Suffice today I’m off tonight, via a small detour in Perth, and will hit Venice next Tuesday. I will be posting again once I hit the UK in March, to keep everyone up to speed with what I’m up to while ‘in residence’, at the Centre for Fine Print Research in Bristol.

Talk then!

ch ch ch ch changes

ArtStart, the Australia Council and their Visual Arts Board… Melissa loves ’em all!

You might notice that I’ve pulled the “brought to you by AusCo” message from the sidebar of this site. Yup, I’m officially no longer an ArtStarter so I thought it proper to take it down. But big congrats to the newly minted batch – you’re in for a big year!

However… (Notwithstanding the questionable syntax of starting a sentence with ‘However’. ) My new funding – for the residency at UWE – has just kicked in. Given this is for a specific purpose, and to make the website search-able by this topic, I’ve added an ‘Australia Council’ category, so posts about the impending trip, and posts while in Bristol will be marked by this category. And any future funding from them, I guess… (fingers crossed!)

I’ve also added a Twitter link. I’ve borrowed the pic from Turbo. He’s a burgeoning graphic designer (and full time geek.) His specialty is old-skool 8 bit graphics.

got a hole in your Saturday?

Melissa + Chloe are getting ready to bring down the house… Oh no, I mean, close the show.

Snow Bowl Void - Chloe Vallance + Melissa Cameron, 2010. Recycled bamboo bowl, coloured pencil, cord

Chloe and I have a show on at the moment – it’s called Measuring the Space Between, and it closes this Saturday the 8th. So to finish the show we’re going to have afternoon tea this Saturday. Please come join us! The gallery is open from 12-5pm. There will be shortbread…