Day two – Screened

Melissa’s adventures in Bristol – day 2. Lesson one, mark making for screen printing.

Went today to hang with Dave in Screen Printing to do an introduction on Mark Making. Given my foundation education was design/architecture, I’m kinda missing some arts basics, like screen printing, so I had a bit of fun tooling about with dip pens and scratching into acrylic paint and doing rubbings (over some of my laser-cut stainless patterns) and the like. And of course making the screen and the prints themselves. Dave is a master craftsman in this area, his knowledge and precision were easy to admire, especially once us novices had had a go at the process. Why screen print? Well, using different media one is able to screen print onto transfers that can then be placed onto a layer of enamel and then fired, rather gently. Could come in handy…

Then back in the enamel studio I made 3 quick samples, all of which impressed me more than the previous day’s efforts. There’s something to working quickly without thinking, (with the advantage of some practice under my belt.) I was reminded of how I like to work with enamel.