Next week sees the opening of Recycle, an exhibition being curated by Penny Peckham and taking place at Synergy Gallery in Northcote, from the 3rd til the 14th of March 2010. As per the title, the works for this show are made from predominantly recycled materials, and will include a small selection of my recycled objects. It looks to be an interesting group of people involved too, if you go by this article.  Synergy Gallery is located at 253 High St, Northcote.

lost and found

I mentioned late last year that I was sending a piece to Texas for the Refined: Back to Basics exhibition. Today I was sent a link to a bunch of images taken of the opening, which took place on the 30th of January. I scrolled through the set looking for my work, and after my first pass I hadn’t seen it, which had me worried. Luckily a second look netted one shot with my work in.

Two things; in the picture a lovely Texan seems to be kneeling to worship my piece; and given that I have since managed to find at least one more image that has my work in, the little Staggered 8 Point Star really does seem dwarfed by the other works. Food for thought.


Last year I had three pieces exhibited in the BUDA Contemporary Australian Silver + Metalwork exhibition at Buda, Castlemaine. The little pieces have been touring ever since (they were chosen by the judges to travel in the smaller touring exhibition that followed) and have been to Shepparton, The Arts Centre Melbourne, Geelong and just last week saw the opening of the show in the Mornington Peninsula. The show continues until the 8th of March.

where’s my trumpet?

… ahh, here it is!

Earlier this week I made a new website. It seems to be becoming a common occurrence for me, which must say something about my online activities, but I’m not entirely sure what that is.

This one is for an exhibition that I’m curating to coincide with this years JMGA conference in Perth (as I have mentioned before.) Return is being held to showcase the works of several ex-West Australian jewellers, while they’re in town for the conference in April. I wanted a place to show some examples of the artists’ older works, so those in the audience unfamiliar with these artists could see what has shifted in their works whilst away; hence the website.

The show is based on the idea that ‘you don’t know how far you’ve travelled, until you return’.