Melissa shares photos of the first matching set of jewels she ever made. Awwww, how cute.

I made this matching set back when I was in high school. I have spoken of it before, as the bracelet and matching earrings were made in my year 10 jewellery class. The ring was made the year before, or maybe even before that… A fair while ago, anyway.

I designed and made the set with the skills I’d learned in two previous semesters of jewellery instruction. I thought I’d been really clever when I scraped out a little hollow in the soldering brick so that the twisted lengths would end up with the rings soldered in the middle of each end. But in other areas I see now I was a little less thorough.

The bracelet jump rings are unsoldered, and the one in the centre front of the image is slightly out of proportion to the others. Of the two holes drilled for the earring hooks, one could be considered almost in the centre…

These were dug up in the recent hunt for the first piece I ever made. Thankfully I found my first work too. (Phew! It only took about a week…) It’s going to Sydney for the First and Last show.