New York City Jewelry Week 2022

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I’m presenting a virtual talk at this year’s NYC Jewelry Week:

Jewelers Sarah Elson + Melissa Cameron at IOTA:21

Artist talk presented by Melissa Cameron

Perth-based jewellers share their experience of exhibiting at the inaugural Indian Ocean Craft Triennial in Western Australia in 2021. The pair debuted new works at the hugely successful festival, so they take you behind-the-scenes to show you their displays, and how they were made.

Find more info about the presentation and our long history together and a little about the university we attended – Helen Britton’s alma mater, Curtin University in Perth – (*spoilers* – Sarah taught me jewellery at high school, AND Karl Frtisch put her on the path to her life’s work) you should head over to the NYC-JW website.

While you’re there, I highly recommend that you explore the other virtual events and if you’re lucky enough to be in town, check out what’s going to be happening in NYC too.

The talk was prerecorded while I was in Seattle last week, but will go live at a time that is yet-to-be-announced during NYC Jewelery Week, the 14th – 20th of November, 2022. I’ll be sure to update here and on the socials when it goes live. (Really, you were in Seattle last week Melissa? Why yes, I was! For those of you who missed me playing Seattle Icon Bingo on Insta, ↓↓↓ gratuitous Seattle selfie.)

gratuitous holiday snap – me and the Seattle Space Needle, 2022