Juukan Tears Offcuts / Island Welcome both open tomorrow

If only it could be a double bill, then I could be at both too!

Juukan Tears Offcuts opens at Bridget Kennedy Project Space at 53 Ridge St, North Sydney from 2-4pm tomorrow (30.4.22). There will be an artist talk (yup, more of this kind of thing), and chats, and drinks, and contrary to my hometown lockdown logic, that’s the opening I’ll be at! Please come say hi, I escaped WA finally and I’m desperate to see some friendly faces. Come to think of it, this show is part of a double header, as Juukan Tears, the mother of this work, will open at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability in North Sydney on the 14th of May. This show will run concurrently with that for a couple of weeks, finishing late May. Spoiler: I will be back in Sydney for the NSAP opening too.

Island Welcome also opens at Gallery Central on Aberdeen St in Perth tomorrow, and I’m well chuffed to be one of the new artists included in Belinda Newick’s touring exhibition. That opens with a curator/artist talk at 1pm, and the official opening at 2. There are lots events around this show, which finished on the 21st of May, so check the link above for all the details.

Looking forward to them both, hope you can hit them up too.