live-stream q+a

studio – assembly of wall hanging – background, and beginnings of a new teardrop neckpiece with teardrops still with decals on, and a lid full of chain pieces to link the teardrops – foreground

11am on Friday the 19th of February, Perth time (see below for your timezone) we’re having a live q+a on my YouTube channel about the piece – working title Juukan Tears – that me and my assistant Susannah Kings-Lynne are currently working on in my studio.

If you have a question you’d like to put to us – any question – please feel free to send it to me in advance (jewellery at or you can write it in the comments section of the live feed once we get going. We’ll be answering questions and talking making (such as why we are hand-slicing such a ridiculously large work) live for an hour, while working on some chain. We’d love to see you in the chat 😉

7 p.m.: Seattle **Thurs 18th
10 p.m.: Philadelphia **Thurs 18th
3 a.m.: UK **Fri 19th
4 a.m.: Italy
8:30 a.m.: India
11 a.m.: Perth/China/Singapore
1 p.m.: Brisbane
2 p.m.: Melbourne/Sydney
4 p.m.: New Zealand

Tomorrow I’ll share more about the work, and don’t forget you can see me (and on Mondays and Fridays, Susannah too) working on it in my studio. I’ve got the camera on Monday to Friday (Perth time) which you can see live and through archived streams at that YouTube link above.