sawing continues solo

I’m still live-streaming from the studio Monday – Friday, 9am-ish till 5pmish, minus lunch time. This was to be the first full week of our current routine, in which my colleague Susannah Kings-Lynne joins in the action on Mondays and Fridays for 5 hours per day.*

But even before we could begin our uninterrupted week the routine was broken, due to our cautiousness over the new COVID-19 lockdown put in place in Perth last night at 6pm. We’ll reassess before Friday, but today it’s just gonna be me grinding away at the sheets of steel.

For a preview, here’s last Friday morning’s stream. If you skip in about 1hr and 25 mins you can see our inaugural 10:30am race, where I challenged Susannah to see who could get through a set length of sawing first 😉

Friday 29.1.21, morning session

Hit the live-stream through this link if you want to see the latest. (Having posted this I’m now running late so look for me after 9:30am WST today..!)

* I started the project midweek and I’ve had some time away from the bench with summer holidays, ergo no complete Mon-Fri as yet.