Bilk. Tomorrow (or today if you’re sneaky!)

image courtesy Bilk Gallery

10 days ago I wrote about the upcoming Full Circle show at the *New Bilk* just outside Canberra. I mentioned that it would have a simultaneous online and in-person opening on the 21st of November.

Well, if you sneak over to the Bilk website right now you can cop a look at all the works destined to be officially “opened” tomorrow. And if that weren’t enough, if you take a shine to a work you can go buy it in the shop, too!

OK, on closer inspection that first link does say that pieces will be available to purchase online from 12 noon (I’m assuming Canberra time) tomorrow, so maybe don’t take my word as gospel….

But please, one way or the other, see the show. There’s such a beautiful and diverse richness to this collection, and once again I’m proud to be amongst such a talented and thoughtful group of makers.