Monday – Gun Day

Heads up, there are five unnamed weapons today.

Default Pistol 2 – S&W M&P

The next two shootings listed on the Gun Violence Archive, of Alvin McDowell (25) and Zavier Wimes (22), happened with a proximity that had the investigative team questioning if they were related. Wimes was shot and killed around 1am on the first block of Byrd Way in Buffalo, New York, while McDowell was shot in his vehicle at 6:30am at 15 McNeeley Way – Byrd and McNeeley are essential the same street that runs about 6 blocks (by my calculations) between Hickory Street and Jefferson Ave. Close to downtown Buffalo, the name switches from Byrd to McNeeley about half way down the street. It is reported that the killers would have been known to their victims, and while I have found no further details of the first shooting, it it reported that Alvin “Duke” McDowell was shot while lying sleeping in his car. His mother has put out a plea for anyone with further information to contact police.

Also reported alongside these murders was a woman shot and killed around 10:30am, but that crime comes further along the Gun Archive listing. I’m going to keep to their order.

We’re up to default Pistol 2, and then 1, again.

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A 46-year-old man, Jason Ellis, was killed in Del City, Oklahoma at 12:25am by Kevin Henry (37) who, after a police standoff at the home outside of which the body of Ellis was found, reportedly killed himself. A third man, Christoper Russell (27), was later arrested for luring the victim to to the home. No details on the weapons were reported, so Default Pistol 2.

Default Pistol 2 – S&W M&P

From the Baltimore Sun:

Police also identified James Williams, 33, as the man killed in the 1000 block of North Mount Street, the same block as the Western District Police Station, about 5:30 p.m. on New Year’s Day.

An officer heard gunshots and saw a man with a gun fleeing the area, police said. Williams was located inside of a car, and died at a local hospital.

Cham Green lists this as the second and final shooting for Jan 1 in Baltimore, and also adds that the victim did non have a violent criminal history. (Previous mention of Green’s 2017 list of homicides in Baltimore.) No details of the gun to be found. DP1, again.

Ruger SR1911 – Default Pistol 1

Danny Barron, 18, was shot and killed in the parking lot of movie theatre in Copperfield, a neighbourhood of Houston, TX. One of the accused, 17 year old Faith Deleon, accounts the story as Barron and unnamed friend were conducting a drug deal (marijuana) when Deleon’s 16 year old friend (details are being withheld as he is a minor) pulled out a gun and shot Barron twice, and the friends once. Barron’s friend made it into the cinema to report the crime and survived their wounds.

Deleon has been charged with capital murder, as of March 10th, 2017, as has her 16 year old friend, who is also connected with a prior aggravated assault case. Again, no word on the weapon. DP2.

Default Pistol 2 – S&W M&P