The JMGA conference is on. Check it!

Works by Claire Mcardle, Clare Poppi, Bridgette Shepherd, Katie Stormonth, Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Danielle Barrie, Jess Dare, Sue Lorraine, Catherine Truman.<br /> All famous Australian artists. Trust.
Montage of images taken from Instagram feed of the @JMGA_NSW of the 2015 JMGA delegates exhibition.

My Instagram stream has been taken over by the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia 2015 Conference, and I like it! If you are keen to see the #jmga2015delegatesexhibition check out that hashtag, or save yourself the time and just follow @jmga_nsw – the New South Wales branch of the JMGA, who are this year’s conference organisers.

I have to admit to being a bit homesick on this one – I’ve been to the last 3 conferences, and spoken at the last two (#bragging) and I’m really missing my people and our biennial inspiring, creative and awesome catch-up – that they’re all enjoying right now. So I really appreciate all of y’all who are posting to the #jmgaconference2015 #edgesbordersgaps #jmgaprofile2015, #jmga2015 and #jmga tags. The delegates exhibition on the @jmga_nsw stream is really incredible; I encourage everyone to check out the works of these very fine artists and artisans.