clearing out

monash studio

I’ve been in this studio for nigh on 3 years now, at this bench. Slowly but steadily I took up the adjacent one too (it was allowed, even suggested). But on Monday it’s over, and I’ll go in and clear out. Mind you, before I go I plan to take it right to the wire and use the microtorch for 3 pieces that I’ll finish assembling at home this weekend (and yes, admitting that I do feel like the child who has just left the nest, but who comes home to do the laundry and then makes a cup of tea and a snack while waiting for the dryer to finish the sheets). Still, I will miss the place, and the people. And the industrial quality sand-blaster! While I don’t yet have a new home to go to, I’m excited (and nervous) to be moving on. It’s time.