save galerie ra?

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save galerie ra

Now I saw this on a blog I read last week, and I would have thought there would be more on the web about it, but since I’ve seen nothing, I figured maybe the person who reads this blog (hello you! how’ve you been?) might also have heard something?

The short story is that Galerie Ra in Amsterdam is being forced to move, but cannot find new premises. I’m not going to say that I doubt the original post just because it says ‘Gallery Ra’ and I’ve not heard anything else about it (me, of all people, not in the loop! – please note tongue just about piercing cheek on that one), as the link with the petition document to send to Liesbeth den Besten seems pretty authentic. And the Galerie Ra calendar only has exhibitions scheduled until this month, seemingly nothing is happening after Manon van Kouswijk closes on the 19th.

And on that, having done a bit of research on van Kouswijk for my MFA thesis, I would really love to see her new work. Oh well, maybe next year.

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  1. Hi Melissa…thanks for your post. Strangely I dreamt about Gallery Ra last night then woke up and saw your post…weird!!! :/ I visited the gallery early last year when I was overseas and it would be very sad if it had to close. I sent through my letter, hope it helps 🙂

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