Thoughts and works

The internet, a place where you might have a lot going on… Or not?

Kristen Hummel over at workshop/teaching space Danaca Design asked me a bunch of surprisingly probing questions a few months back, and I’ve just caught up with where they published my responses, along with a few images I sent them. If you’re interested, have a read of Melissa Cameron’s Pierced Steel.

And in the same vein, few days after the SNAG conference in Minneapolis, I was contacted by the American Craft Council to include an image of a piece in American Craft Magazine’s August/September issue. You can get your hands on a copy, or take a look at the Head to Toe image gallery on their website to see the work that they featured.

On that: I’m pretty sure I’m from Australia-via-Seattle, rather than the other way around, but who am I to really know?