New website!

So I guess you might say it’s more of a revamp, but I feel that the changes we made have given it a new-site-sheen, which I like!

Check out what we’ve done with the place

Once again I think team jewellist (read: Turbonerd) has hit new heights with the website design.  I know I think that with every iteration of, but it’s really true. This version of the site has a better use of space, which in turn allows for bigger images, making them the focus.

While I was very happy with what we implemented back in 2011 at the time, after the current crop of changes I do have to say that I’m very proud of my favourite webdev. The bloke has amazed me – as a coder and as a designer!

To try and keep up I’ve also tweaked the blog (by comparison to the other overhaul, tweaking is almost too big of a description) so that the links you see at the top of the page are in a better order, and I’ve renamed my collected Deadlines page to read Monthly Deadlines Calendar, because that better describes what that section is about.

OK, that’s enough banging on about the system architecture. I’ve just got back from a trip to Kent, Asheville/Penland and Richmond (the one in Virginia, not Victoria y’all) so I’ll be back soon to share with you my east-coast shenanigans.

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