We interrupt this blog-post-stream on Brisbane and the JMGA conference, to feature a delightful lasercutting demonstration by the affable nerd Adam Savage.

It’s super awesome, as it shows how the whole laser system works (the part with Adam drawing in Rhino is pretty much how I design my pieces, right down to the removable guidelines and layer manipulation, and you will note after his demo that I am clearly also in love with polar arrays) alongside the drafting of the object, and how quick it is to have a part versus how long it takes to draw one.

And if you, like me, now have Georgie Girl stuck your head, here’s the complete track;

With thanks to Arthur Hash for posting up the first link on his blog. On a side note, I’ve seen a few YouTubes of late that feature Adam getting around his private workshop, and I’ve found them pretty good viewing.


One response to “Laser-awesome”

  1. Very interesting! I’ve just learned about accessibility to such a device in my city, so this was very exciting. Lots of ideas floating through my head. Thanks!