Also in Pittsburgh

I spent my third day with ceramicist Yoko Sekino Bové, and we were joined for the second part by her partner Jim Bové, lecturer in jewelry/metals at California University of Pennsylvania. Yoko took me out to breakfast before letting me tour around the Mellon Hall of Science at the downtown Duquesne University, which is a building by my home-boy Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. I was rapt to spend some time in and around the space, only the second Mies building I’ve managed to see so far. There’s a few more in the states, so with any luck I’ll be getting around some more of them.

Mellon Building Stairwell Mellon Building

Mellon Building Corner Mellon Building Date

Fan-girl time over, I was then whisked to Cal U by Yoko to present a talk on my work to Jim’s metal/3D design students.

In full flight post lecture, discussing some of the works I brought along to show.
In full flight post lecture, discussing some of the works I brought along to show the students.

Jim and Melissa pose with the students in the jewellery rooms at Cal U

After that and a quick tour of the university we were back into Pittsburgh for some other commitments, which somehow resulted in an informal night tour of Carnegie Mellon University’s public art collection. Being a wealthy institution with a large campus they of course boast some interesting pieces of public art, and architecture. But no Mies buildings… Here we also caught up with Sharon Massey and Adrienne Grafton, and with them leading the charge we headed in to Lawrenceville for drinks and finally some dinner.