Website weevils

Melissa has been weevling about on her website. Is weevling a verb? Probably not…

Melissa Cameron. Point Line Plane Object I, 2012, from the La Geometrie series. Stainless steel, vitreous enamel. Image © Melissa Cameron, 2012.

Over on my main website the paucity of ‘Upcoming’ information had been noted by onlookers and insiders and brought to the attention of management. Gradually some of my shortcomings in the photo editing department had been corrected, leaving me to avoid viewing whole sections of my own damn website simply for my own sanity. There have been recent outings of a number of new works, of which I am quite proud and of which I had as yet unseen images. And the printer broke, leaving design work at a standstill (don’t worry, it’s not terminal, it turned out to have a bad batch of yellow ink).

The prevailing conditions were just about right… All that was needed was a shirtload of time and a backlog of podcasts to listen to.

Thus I’ve put down the tools this past week to weevil about on my website. To be perfectly honest, I got back from Australia with a tenacious strain of The Plague and so settling into the increasingly damp basement (despite the probability of needing to turn on the enamelling kiln which might help alleviate that problem) didn’t seem like the best decision for my health. And so, once I made if off the couch and back upstairs to my mean machine in the study, it was GAME ON!

Et voilà! I present to you the annual subtle overhaul of my virtual home. Despite first impressions which may lead one to believing that it’s just business as usual, there’s been quite the renovation; many existing images were fixed, images from older series that were held back awaiting exhibition/book publishing have now been added, as have many new works, including just about the whole La Geometrie series from this year. And yes, it is about a year since I last did this. Perhaps I should think about trying it biannually?

And finally, to explain myself. The first category, the ‘Exemplar’ group is there to bring works of all sections together in a single unique rainbow. This is mostly for applications in which the overseers have requested a single website link to images by the artist. It will be staying, for the time being.

Hey, you gots to leave some room for improvement, eh? 😉