Making in a space

Thinking about thinking about making.

“What would it mean for the authority of the craftsman if he/she acknowledged the site of making as a co-producer of his/her work”

Sorry to spoil the ending, but by using writing as a craft to investigate the subject of location ‘being in on the act’ of creation, Marilyn Zapf teases out the effect that space might have on us, in her most recent post The Craft of Writing: Here’s the Situation.

And in case you hadn’t guessed it already, I think she’s onto something. I think space can have a profound effect on what we think, and the way we think, and therefore what and how we create. I still haven’t found a way to investigate it properly, except by taking rather haphazard swipes at some ideas of space in parts of my work.

At least there’s an upside to my incompleteness; it leaves me with more to investigate.